路上 by Comei on Flickr.
cat shirt. rad day. new sounds coming soon.

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Food Rules Everything Around Me.


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Hello. It has, indeed, been a while. Besos.

Haven’t been very Tumblr-ish lately.

Music and madness is what life has been circulated around.

I’ll let you folks into my dark thoughts soon enough.

For now, enjoy some songs.

Music video for $HARKS.
Low budget. High mentality.



I told her, “Welcome to my hometown. It’s the Windy City. Where our days are on a countdown and our lives are gritty.”

My vegetarian-friendly ‘Farm Strong Stir fry’. Chopped sweet peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, minced onions, brown rice, and topped off with medium cheddar cheese on a spicy foundation of sriracha. #noms #iCook

New song, $HARKS (prod. by Nobility).

Second single from my upcoming EP in the works, "Blu Carnivale"

Get your free download and enjoy the madness.

Love. Listen. Repeat.